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Traditional Chinese medicine has a unique approach to women’s health issues; instead of just treating the symptom, we treat the root (the reason) and the branch (the symptoms). In my own practice I have seen and treated PCOS, endometriosis, small uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, menopausal issues, infertility and hormonal imbalances; I've seen babies born to women who were told they never had a chance;  and seen chronic pain and suffering from various hormonal issues transform, resolve, and heal. Through regular acupuncture treatment, Chinese herbal formulas specific to the patient and nutritional therapy, great change and metamorphosis can occur.  



All of it goes hand in hand and there is no disconnect, which is why when treating P.M.S we treat mind, body and spirit to allow the hormones, emotional and physical manifestation to flow as they need to, balanced and healthy. 

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Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutritional therapy, provide a safe and natural alternative to oral contraceptives and have the ability to treat and resolve the issue, from root to branch.

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Through each stage of a woman’s life there is the ebb and flow of change. Change that occurs hormonally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Just as nature has it’s own subtle change as the seasons go from one to the next, so do we, since we are nature.

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 Through Chinese medicine we see a great decrease in the difficult symptoms and side effects of menopause.

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Through treatment with acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary therapy we are able to reduce stress hormones, which ultimately cause an imbalance in our reproductive hormones causing an imbalance and the menstrual cycle to become irregular. 

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