Irregular Periods

Irregular periods are a common ailment usually treated in Western Medicine by birth control pills, which simply turns off the menstrual cycle. In Chinese medicine as well as Western medicine irregular periods usually point to an imbalance in hormones with various triggers from stress, PCOS, Estrogen dominance, recent pregnancy to weight imbalances as well as  radiation and chemotherapy. We treat Irregular periods with specific herbal formulas and acupuncture that balances out hormones, relieves stress and allows the body to go back into harmony.


Since every woman is different and each issue at hand presents as a variety of different patterns in Chinese medicine, we treat each imbalance specific to the patient and their diagnosis.


Through treatment with acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary therapy we are able to reduce stress hormones, which ultimately cause an imbalance in our reproductive hormones causing an imbalance and the menstrual cycle to become irregular.