Addiction Therapy

From Alcohol and Drugs to Smoking and Food Addictions, acupuncture has an innate ability to treat and cure addiction. We use a combination of body points according to your specific diagnosis to the NADA Protocol, which has been researched and used successfully for both addiction and PTSD. NADA was originally developed at Lincoln Hospital in New York City to treat withdraw from heroin addiction.

It helps the body reduce cravings, becoming slowly adverse to what it craves or is addicted to including all drugs, alcohol and addictions of the mind, such as eating disorders and PTSD. NADA also helps the emotions that come along with letting go of an addiction since addiction encompasses both the physical and emotional aspects of the body. Presently this protocol is also being used for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in almost every Veteran’s Association in the United States, for Vets who are undergoing the stress and trauma from war.