Marcelo Sturgeon


Marcelo Sturgeon is a  Traditional Tabaquero from the Amazonian Sacred Medicine tradition. With over 15 years of self-healing work by way of meditation and Amazonian Traditional Medicine, Marcelo has learned through the spirit of the sacred tobacco plant, how to use this Master Plant as one of the more profound modalities in energetic healing.

 Marcelo now resides and is based out of Nyack, NY and the Lower Hudson Valley. He is also an award winning author, photographer and artist, currently making Medicine Art inspired by the Shipibo Tribe. A few years ago, art and medicine fused together on his path. Since then, Marcelo has been developing work that refers to the Amazonian cosmogony, including healing songs, landscapes, and archetypal animals, inspired by the teachings and visions from his work with the master plants of Amazonian Traditional Medicine.  Expressed in complex patterns with important details and color schemes, Marcelo's vision is to share this powerful medicine through his art and healing sessions. 

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